Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2nd on 2nd: Karaoke in NYC

There are a lot of places that I love because they’re genuinely awesome. 2nd on 2nd is not one of those places. 2nd on 2nd is like that summer between senior year of high school and college. It was really only mediocre but you’ve some how waxed nostalgic for so long it’s now “THE BEST SUMMER EVER!” Don’t get me wrong- it’s fun. But it certainly isn’t the best karaoke in the city. Except… it is.

It’s dark. It’s oddly red tinted. It smells of cheap perfume and Bud Light. That’s probably just me though- I tend to spill when I sing. They try to class it up with leather booths, but they're not fooling anyone. There are a few high top tables with four or five bar stools around them, I always try to snag one of those bad boys. Always good to have a home base to come back to at the end of an awkward reinterpration of Hungry Eyes.

Whenever people ask me where they should go for karaoke, I don’t suggest Sing Sing or Korea town. FTS. I’m all about the 2nd on 2nd action. Why, you ask? I’m about to tell you. My reasons are three fold.

1. $1 per song. FINALLY- my job stripping on the side has come in handy.

2. You can do karaoke in a big, open room. No more being regulated to a room with the four people you came with. You get served a heaping bowl of embarrassment in front of 30 people you don’t know, and now never will know. (Small rooms are available for losers who are afraid of public humiliation)

3. I’m a horrible (HORRIBLE) singer. And yet I’ve never been the worst singer at 2nd on 2nd. People take it to new lows here. I’ve heard the hebrew rendition of “Livin on a Prayer” by a yarmulked man. There was also once a woman who only sang “Black Velvet” over and over and over again. It got progressively worse and worse.

Trust me on this one- if you're singing karaoke in New York City, 2nd on 2nd is the way to go.

Top Karaoke Song Picks:

1. Metallica- Enter Sandman

2. Guns N Roses- Sweet Child o Mine

3. My Chemical Romance- I’m Not Ok

4. Joan Jett- Bad Reputation

5. Ke$ha- Tik Tok. (Just because it’s always awesome.)


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