Saturday, June 25, 2011

Album Review: Taking Back Sunday S/T

First and foremost, let me just announce to the world wide web that I love Taking Back Sunday. Always have, probably always will. They are just one of those bands that I, along with most people my age, grew up loving and I can therefore wax nostalgic about them for days. There is something particularly special about a band you first discovered when you were 14-years-old, angry at the world and constantly fighting with your parents. It's a musical bond there that can't quite be explained because said bond was made at a time that rational thought wasn't exactly priority #1. (But Moooooom that's SOOOOO, like, unfaaaair! Jenna's Mom is letting her go to the show even though it's at, like, 2am in the ghetto! Gawd!!!)

Taking Back Sunday's newest self titled release, due out Tuesday June 28th on Warner Bros., has me jumping up and down with excitement and glee that OG TBS is finally back. If you haven't listened to it yet, it's streaming on their Facebook page. Completed by the reunion of John Nolan, the band sounds like they're getting back to the band we all grew up with. But they were never going to release "Tell All Your Friends" again, no matter how much I may have wanted them to. I think this record is about as close as we're going to get to that, and it's just the right amount of throw back. They have taken that angsty teen whining and matured it a few years, with some perspective mixed in, along with some wittier lyrics. Amongst all of the light, pop leaning music coming out over the last couple years, this record is such a (cliche) breath of fresh air. All Time Low, A Rocket To The Moon, The Maine- none of them rock out. This album is actually pretty heavy in comparison to what is being released by so called "pop punk" bands as of late. I hate to say it, but I think this record will actually be good for the scene... If everyone could just take off their nostalgia goggles (the music equivalent of beer goggles) for a minute and realize TBS has grown up but hasn't forgotten where they came from (Amityville, Long Island).

Standout tracks for me are "Faith" "Sad Savior" and "El Paso."

"Faith (When I Let You Down)" is the song 30 Seconds to Mars tried to make when they wrote "Kings and Queens." Taking Back Sunday just did it better. It's an emo kids' arena rock song. I can't wait to see them play this song live. It's going to be so epic and emotional.

"Sad Savior" really feels like a big rock song that strays away from the typical TBS formula. It's a beautifully written song that really lets the lyrics and the production shine. Both "Faith" and "El Paso" were released before the album was streaming, so I've been obsessed with them for weeks. "Sad Savior" was the one track that, after one listen through of the entire album, I went back and listened to again and again.

"El Paso" fucking rocks so much. I seriously can't wait to hear them play it live and go insane in the pit. (If you're thinking that I'm probably too old to be in the pit at a TBS show, you're right. But that doesn't mean I'm too good to act like I'm not. Just pretend, ok?) The best way I can describe this song is this: it makes me want to get punched in the face, in the best way possible.

I'm not into ranking things on a 1-10 scale because it's really all relative. But as a tenured Taking Back Sunday fan girl, I'll just say that I couldn't be happier and more pumped on TBS than I am right now. It's the album I really wanted them to make. So this fan girl gives two thumbs up, or the rawk equivalent of that…  \m/\m/

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  1. this post makes me want to go and listen to the album now.


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