Monday, June 20, 2011

On What Ryan Dunn Meant to Me

Early this morning, beloved badass, Ryan Dunn, was tragically killed in a car accident in Pennsylvania. I truly feel so terrible for his family and loved ones.

Like anyone my age, I grew up in the age of Jackass. It was before Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory (which I love) and truly before reality TV. It was a more innocent time, when Kim Kardashian hadn't even released a sex tape, and Paris Hilton wasn't even talking in a baby voice in public yet. When Jackass came out, my immediate reaction was "DUDE. I COULD SO DO THAT." This being the result of growing up with 2 older brothers and  spending most of my life trying to fit in with the boys. Jackass was the only show at that time showing kids that they didn't have to follow the rules, they didn't have to grow up and live a conventional life and they could do shit on their own terms. As a normal kid growing up in the suburbs, I appreciated that on a level I'm not sure I'm really supposed to.

Ryan Dunn was always my favorite. First and foremost- he was funny as shit. He could laugh at himself and his friends. That's essentially all Jackass was- a group of friends getting together and making each other laugh by doing ridiculous shit. (My friends and I do this every weekend... we're just much much easier to please.) Other than being totally funny, he was also super hot. I actually trace my obsession back to boys with tattoos to him and his Jackass cohorts. Cute furry boys with tattoos- that's pretty much all I need in life. What really just put my love for him over the top was this video, in which he chugs an entire bottle of tequila in 40 seconds. UGH. SUCH A TALENTED GUY.


RIP Ryan Dunn. You will be missed.


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