Monday, June 27, 2011

Sports Bars: Professor Thoms'

I'm the sort of person that just really wants everyone else to like the things I like. And more importantly, hate the things I hate. But this post is about liking. So can we just pretend like you're single white femaling me and you want to be just like me and like everything I like? Starting with this bar. Ok, go.

Professor Thoms' is my favorite sports bar in all of New York. There, I said it. Don't judge me! It’s also a Red Sox bar. And a Patriots Bar. And a University of Michigan bar. THOSE ARE ALL OF MY TEAMS! The Gods of beer, fried food and manly sports have aligned in some sort of cosmic perfection and formed this bar.

The food is greasy. The beer is cheap. Plus you can yell at the TV and no one thinks you’re crazy!! Whenever I go to PTs, I try to grab one of the tables in the back- way better to lounge undisturbed back there than at the bar (which sometimes gets crowded.) If you’re coming to watch a game, trust me and get there early. The nachos are a MUST. Order the regular size- the XL is enough to feed a small army. Also on the “totally worth having a heart attack for” list are the loaded cheese tater tots, deep fried mac n cheese, and onion rings. If you order a salad here- seriously, we’re not friends. Also, if you order a white wine here, we’re never talking again. The beer selection is pretty extensive for a sports bar, so I sometimes like to act like I'm fancy and order a UFO instead of a Bud Light. Come on, give me some credit there. I even say UFO like I'm super important and way to good for Bud Light. But then I spill nachos on my jorts and the jig is pretty much up.

Proffy T's (that's what the cool kids call it) (I'm not a cool kid) is my total go to fried food + beer establishment- and trust me, the list of restaurants on that list is extensive.

Professor Thoms' is at 219 2nd Ave- between 14th and 13th St.


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