Thursday, June 2, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Danity Kane

Guys, remember when things were simple? When urban pop music had a place for a five-piece girl group? When Diddy was Puffy? When Aubrey O'Day was skinny? When we were spoon fed pop music through put together faux groups? Those were the days... ah, 2005.

I've always loved Danity Kane. I faithfully watched every episode of Making The Band 3. I'm going to give it to you straight- some girls are Carrie's, some girls are Miranda's... I'm an Aubrey (pre-her reality show, duh.) Back in the day, before all the hair and the three inches of makeup shellacked on her face, she was a really nice girl, with a decent amount of talent. No one was more disappointed than me when she got gross boobies and stopped looking like a normal human being. I still hold out hope that she'll come back around and realize this is not her best look. And yes, I did watch every single episode of her reality show, and pretty much cried every episode. HER LIFE IS HARD, GUYS.
Outside of my Aubrey obsession, Danity Kane is actually a pretty solid girl group. They actually made some really amazing dance jams. You can't tell me you don't put on "Showstopper" and dance around your room in your undies. Ok well maybe you don't, but I do and it's high time I stop being embarrassed about it. I think we should all (just me) take this as an opportunity to be open and honest about our (ok my) Danity Kane loving. Just because it's not cool doesn't mean you can't do it. That's a life lesson right there, kids. Stitch that on a fucking pillow.

Sometimes, it's ok to give into the pop. Especially when it involves lots of weaves and fake tans. Bring back 2005 and the age of fabricated pop girl groups!


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