Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bands I Love: THE REAL BBC

Another day, another feature! Like most normal people in the world, I love music. All kinds. (Have you ever met someone who doesn't listen to music, like, at all? They're like mythical creatures. I've met one in my lifetime. It was weird.) But what I love more than anything is that feeling of finding a new band that I've never heard before and wondering how I ever lived a day without their music in my life. Bands I Love is my way of sharing these bands with you, so you can have that magical moment, too!

Bombay Bicycle Club is starting to catch on. Their debut album, "I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose" is one of my faves. The British four piece alt rock band has been around since 2005, but are finally starting to get the attention they deserve, with the release of two full length albums in the past few years. If Brit Rock, or 90's alt rock are your thing, you'll definitely like these dudes. They're definitely in the same lane as Two Door Cinema Club, Foals, Mumford & Sons, and Vampire Weekend (wanna be Brits, obvi.)

Their upcoming album, "A Different Kind of Fix" is set to be released on August 29th on Island Records. But you don't have to wait another month to hear some beautiful new tunes from these guys. They've just released a new music video for their single, Shuffle. I love how the piano line is the undercurrent of this song. It's so catchy! Check it out...

Essential BBC songs are Always Like This, Evening/Morning, Ivy & Gold, RInse Me Down. They're all in constant rotation on my iPod.
Enjoy the British loveliness :) carmen


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