Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Top 5 Project Runway Designers//Collections

I LOVE project runway. I don't know many girls (or gays) out there who don't. What's not to love? Fashion, bitchy judges, ridiculous challenges, and Heidi Klum. Sounds like either an amazing TV show, or a gay porn. Both?

I've been a devoted fan since season 1 and have definitely accumulated my favorites over the years. Here are my faves of my faves.

5. April Johnston
I'm partial to earlier seasons of Project Runway, but April was my fave from Season 8. She was 21-years-old, crazy talented, super adorable and had guaged ears. I kind of wanted to be her. Her designs were so accessable and stuff I could actually see myself wearing if they didn't cost a bajillion dollars. She designed clothes that somehow managed to be tough and edgy, while still having an element of whimsy and ease. Adorableness.

images via zimbio

4. Kenley Collins
I've taken my fair share of heat for my undying love for Kenley, and I'm sure proclaiming it here will garner me even more. BUT YOU'RE NOT GOING TO STOP MY LOVE! I <3ed Kenley on the show, even though she was super sassy and really defensive with the judges. I mean, taking criticism is hard, dudes. Then add the element of national television, and the fierceness of Tim Gunn. It's a recipe for bitchassness. Anyway.. Her designs are completely throw back vintage pieces, which I adore. She hand painted some of her dresses, which I didn't even know was a thing, but apparently it is. I just loved how each of her models looked like they were styled H to T (head to toe) to perfection in vintagey goodness. As for the white feathered situation... Don't even get me started. Sosososo gorgeous. I die.

images via What's Haute

3. Jeffrey Sebelia
The ultimate badass of Proj Run, Jeffrey always caused a lot of drama, but his fashions consistently delivered. Even though the show sometimes made him seem like a dick, he really seemed like a good dude with a great heart by the end of the season. Jeffrey did rocker chic with sophisticated undertones better than anyone. He made clothes I wish I was cool enough to wear. Plus, how freaking cute was he with his son? Something about hot dads, man...

images via imaxtree for nymag

2. Christian Siriano
Do I really even need to talk about why I'm in love with Christian? Fierce, fabulous, sassy gay. He's everything I love in a man. And the clothes?! Swoon. His designs are so innovative and fresh, while still seemingly classic. I don't know how he does it, but he makes the most avant garde pieces look like they belong on the everywoman. His designs make me feel like I MUST own a big floppy hat, because it's totally necessary for my trip to the mall.
images via Monde Chic 

1. Michael Kors
You've gotta love a man who knows what works for him. Michael Kors' collection on Project Runway of all black, with the occasional pair of jeans thrown in to mix it up... The man is a genius. What he's doing with color is nothing short of innovative. By ignoring the entire color palatte, he's really making such a statement. HE DOESN'T LIKE COLORS! It's downright brilliant. I hereby declare Michael Kors the winner of Project Runway, The Series. UHHH... YOU"RE WELCOME.

images via Google Images


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