Wednesday, July 27, 2011

These are my feet, post-painting. I'm pretty sure I got more paint on myself than I did on the walls.
Hey, guess what's not fun? PAINTING! Ok, that might be my rage talking, but seriously, it's not as fun as they make it look in the movies. My favorite movie growing up was Now & Then. If you haven't seen it, we probably weren't friends when I was in elementary school.... or middle school... or high school... or college. Look, whatever. The movie stands the test of time. I can't help that! ANYWAY- there's an amazing scene where they're all painting and it looked like the most fun anyone has ever had ever in the history of ever. Painting, wearing plaid, singing along to The Temptations. Ugh, it all just looked so glamorous. Well, over the course of the past few days, I've been confronted with the harsh reality of painting, and let me tell you, it ain't nothin' like the movies.

My walls used to be an adorable color of yellow (I'm doing an apartment post next week with all the cuteness of what my apartment used to be.) But since I'm moving out, I had to paint them back to stark white. Guess what's hard? GETTING PALE YELLOW WALLS BACK TO WHITE!!! The yellow keeps on peeking its way through. I used to love my yellow walls so much, now they're the bane of my existence. So far I've had two "Painting Parties." That's basically just a fancy name for me making my friends come over and do hard manual labor in exchange for beer and pizza. After round one, the walls looked like they had literally been coated with toothpaste foam. After hours of work, I was heartbroken.

But after round two last night, the walls are really shaping up. And my paint splatters all over my body are taking on shapes. Am I crazy or is that a heart on my hand? I think I just need one more gallon and the apartment will be done. That will put my grand total at six gallons of paint for my entire apartment. Oy! I'm just happy to be getting the process of moving out underway. I'm ready for Midwest living :)
Fingers crossed I'm getting my security deposit back!


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