Friday, July 22, 2011

Well, Hello.

This is me. With my two favorite things in the world- diet coke + a grilled cheese. A month from now, my life is going to be dramatically different. Pretty much the only things that will be the same will be my constant loves of DC and GC. I will have uprooted my life from New York City back home to Ohio. I'm leaving my job at a major record label to return home, pursue my MBA and refocus my life on the things that matter most to me. I want to try to do my own thing in the future as opposed to working for someone else's company. It has been a pretty controversial decision, leaving all my BFFs and stable job to journey out on my own, but I'm super pumped about it.

This blog is going to be my creative outlet. I'll be posting life snapshots, pretty things, music + movie recommendations, vintage finds, baking and crafting attempts, things that make me LOL, things that inspire me and bits of creative writing. Also poop and fart jokes.

This is by far the most serious piece I'll probably ever post.

It also feels weird that I'm posting a picture of myself. But now I'm leaving it just on principle. The principle that it's weird to post something without a photo. And a picture of the New York City skyline would just be cheesy.... so you're stuck with my face.


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