Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I did With My Saturday//Skizzy Mars

So I did something weird on Saturday. Something Carmen would never normally do. It's not even that it's a big deal, it's just that I pretty much do the same things, see the same people, and go to the same places all the time. It sounds pathetic, but whatever- I like what I like! And more importantly, I hate what I hate! But I do love getting out of my comfort zone every once in a while, and this was definitely way out there.

So two of my friends manage this rapper, Skizzy Mars. They played me a few of his songs and I fell in love. He's 18-years-old, and just crazy talented. He reminds me a lot of Drake, Kid Cudi and all of those fancy rapper dudes. But homeboy is so young! Like... what was I doing when I was 18? Probably plotting how I was going to get a job where I just talk about My Little Pony all day. That has yet to become a reality. Still working on it though.

ANYWAY, long stoy long, I'm the biddy yelling "Skizzy!" like twice in this song. We recorded it yesterday. I don't know how artists handle hearing their recorded voices all the time. It makes my skin crawl. Like, I want to apologize to the world for having to ever hear me talk- that's how annoying I sound. Anyway, listen and vibe out. The song is siiiiiiiiiiiiick. The lyrics are so intelligent, and strangely relatable to my life. I mean my name obvi isn't Tara, but I'm pretty sure every guy I've ever had a relationship with would describe how they feel about me with the lyrics "I love her all the time, I hate her sometimes." You heard my voice. How can you kind of not want to punch me sometimes?

I just want to listen to this song on repeat for the next week. Is that socially unacceptable? I mean, I don't want to jump the gun and say I'm like famous or anything, but please address me as Your Highness, and don't look me directly in the eye. No jk.

Tara by SkizTheRapper>

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  1. Wow thats so cool i love the crap out of Skizzy mars, ive been listening for like a year now, but thats hella cool that you know him. And your voice is definatly not annoying :)


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