Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bands I Love: Foster The People

Nothing quite like a summer song. That feeling of sunshine and happiness that a song can make you feel instantly. Well, Foster The People is that feeling- in a band. They are definitely one of the biggest breakout bands of the past few months. Their song "Pumped Up Kicks" has been everywhere the past couple months, on the radio, TV shows and even a prominent placement in Fright Night. Safe to say it's the song of the Summer (beind Selena Gomez's "Who Says" at least for me. What? THIS IS A JUDGEMENT FREE BLOG!)

Foster The People were a bit of a music industry buzz band last year. The Los Angeles natives ended up signing to Startime International/Columbia and going into hibernation. When they came out, their live show was kicking (pun intended) and they looked like total indie rockstars. They released Torches in late May of this year, and shocked just about everyone when it debuted at #8 at the US Billboard charts. They have since been appearing all over the place and jamming "Pumped Up Kicks" down our throats. I can't say I mind. Foster's music is the perfect blend of indie cool and catchy pop. They are really a great success story of an indie band breaking through the clutter. It's true what they say- all it takes is one great song. With the buzz generated by "Pumped Up Kicks" they have been able to have an extremely successful debut album, multiple festival appearances, as well as appearing on the MMVAs!!!!! (Don't tell me you don't know what the MMVMAs are!... You don't?!?!?!?! Well, they're only the coolest awards show in Canada! CANADA PEOPLE! Sooooo indie!) But Foster's whole album is actually good through and through. I put it in while blogging and it makes perfect "in the zone" music. Even though they qualify as a "cool indie band" right now, I can also totally see my Mom rocking out to these guys and like feeling super cool. You're cool, Mom. You're very very cool.

Check out the music videos for "Pumped Up Kicks" "Helena Beat" and click here to purchase Torches!



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