Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bands I Love: Twin Atlantic

Hot Scottish boys with accents and guitars? Don't mind if I do. My friend Caitlyn was the first one in the Twin Atlantic game- she's their #1 fan, and tells everyone we know about how rad they are. I love people that still have the ability to be fans of music and artists in a real, authentic way. So many people lose that ability somewhere along the line. But true music obsession and fan-dom is something I never want to lose. Twin Atlantic brings out the best of my tween fan girlie-ness.

Twin Atlantic is a four piece alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They're definitely a little bit on the heavier side, which I like. Heavy, gritty guitars make me happy. You know that phenomenon when people with accents sing in English and suddenly their accent is gone? Yeah, that doesn't happen here. Sam McTrusty's super sexy vocals are all accented out and super Scottish. I love it. The fun part about them is when you sing along, you get to have an accent, too! Any chance to fake an accent is definitely something I'm in to. I first saw them play at Webster Hall a few years ago, and it's pretty much been love ever since. Their live set is full of so much energy, it blew me away. I mean, they have a freaking cello player. HOW BADASS!! Sam is so mesmerizing on stage, I literally couldn't take my eyes off of him. That's partially because he's gorgeous, but also because he just has such dynamic stage presence. They released a new album, Free, on Red Bull Records in May. Definitely pick it up if you're into semi-heavy rock stuff like Against Me!, Band of Skulls and Taking Back Sunday.

Here are two of my favorite Twin Atlantic songs off their new record, Free. Enjoy the eye and ear candy :)

The first lyrics of this song are some of my favorite lyrics ever. So witty.
"You say you want distance from me, well don't stand so close"
Such a clever lyric. It kills me. If anyone ever asked for distance from me, I would totes say that. But I'm too awesome and adorable for anyone to ever do that. Everyone is pretty obsessed with me. It's a gift. Don't worry, you're probably really good at something- it's just defs not at having people be obsessed with you. That's my thing. Back off.


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