Sunday, August 7, 2011

Best Coast- Our Deal

Music videos are such an inspiring art form to me. I'm amazed at how a song can be so entirely beautiful as its own entity but when combined with a great treatment it can be transformed into something completely different. A music video has the ability to give a song new meaning. Something about pairing music with film is so memorable- it brings the song to life. The same can be said of great song placements in movies and TV. Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" anyone?

I don't know if I'm the only one who does this, but a lot of times when I'm listening to a song, I'll invent a little music video on my head. They're usually starring me and my friends, but sometimes Alexander Skarsgard makes a guest appearance for vampire make outs. But that's something I have to talk to my therapist (that I don't have) about. I have written a couple treatments over the past few years, mainly just for fun. I think it's a really great exercise to stretch my creative muscles and just see where my mind goes with a song. (Again, typically vampire make outs or Saved By The Bell inspired.) Maybe I'm a dork (definitely) but I think it's so much fun to envision what I would have done for a song and compare it to what they actually end up doing. Mine's usually WAY better, obviously. I mean, who doesn't want to see ghetto My Little Pony's thug out to Wiz Khalifa? No one. That's who. It's a bag full of laughs no matter what. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!

But sometimes I see a music video and can totally admit that I could have never come up with anything better. Trust me, it's difficult for me to admit anyone is better at anything than me. But just every once in a while, I can admit defeat. This is one of those times.

Drew Barrymore directed the new Best Coast video for their song, "Our Deal" and it's absolutely stunning. First off, she has a ton of beautiful people starring in the music video, from Miranda Cosgrove and Donald Glover (LOVE!) to Chloe Moretz and Tyler Posey. (Anyone else recognize him as the little boy from Maid in Manhattan? Just me? Cool.) Moritz and Posey star as two star-crossed lovers from rival gangs who keep getting caught in the middle. Very West Side Story. It's a true tragic love story.

Warning: I definitely cried the first time I watched this. If you don't get a little choked up, you're either A. a dumb boy or B. the devil… or C. both.
Try to remember it's just a music video and not real life. It helps.



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