Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Diane + Shane's Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner + Party

Another week, another wedding post! I swear, I could post about weddings every day until the end of time. Weddings just make me so happy... HEY GUYS I'M SINGLE! WANNA MAKE OUT? I swear I won't get all clingy. But I hope you don't mind that I'm wearing this cubic zirconia ring on my ring finger- it's just pretend. Don't worry about it.

Let's get back in it... After the rehearsal, we headed to dinner at Palm Palace, an insanely delicious Mediterranean restaurant. Despite my efforts to resist the temptation of mounds and mounds of hummus and bread, I failed miserably. The food was amazing and I left the restaurant wishing someone could roll me to the car. Alas, no dice. Apparently piggy-back rides are inappropriate for an adult woman-child in a dress. Who knew? I hobbled my happy ass to the car, and we headed to a bar to celebrate the wedding of the year. (Screw Will and Kate and all of that fancy British mumbo jumbo. Midwest weddings are so in right now.) Drinking beers with old friends and catching up felt so perfect. It was an awesome way to gear up for the celebration the following night.

This is by far my favorite picture from the night. I love my family.


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