Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fascinator Fascination

Come on, I had to make that pun. It was just too easy.
Ever since William & Kate got married this summer, fascinators have been popping up everywhere. Those fancy British people just love fascinators. Kate Middleton pulls them off with sych style and grace. I dont even want to grow up to be a Princess anymore. I want to grow up to be a Dutchess. She redifined royalty, people! First step towards Dutchess-ness is getting myself some pretty headwear so I can fit in. I wanted to find fascinators that were a little bit more tame and appropriate for everyday wear. Here's what I found during my Etsy scouring...

Wedding day accessory, anyone?

They're all so pretty and unique. I'll take one of each, please :)


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