Friday, August 12, 2011

iPhone Owner!

I am happy to report that I just purchased my first ever iPhone!!! I'm giddy with excitement! I won't actually have the phone until next week, which is killing me, but I'm still riding high on the purchase. I just want to hold it and marvel at its beauty. I wanted to wait until I got it to purchase a case, but who are we kidding? I couldn't help myself. I bought this super cute design from Griffin + Threadless.

It's a little bit more expensive than I would have liked ($29.99), but after reading the reviews, it seems worth it. I didn't want to get something that was really durable but ugly. See, I'm the sort of person that constantly drops my phone, so I knew I had to get something that would keep my new baby safe. According to reviews this little case is indestructible. Plus, it's totally adorbs. I figure I'll be using it for a while, so it's worth the splurge :)
I can't wait to get both and start my new life as an iPhone owner. TTYN (talk to ya never) Blackberry!


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