Monday, August 1, 2011

Karaoke Idol Starring Mara!

My friends are amazingly talented. So much so that I frequently wonder how I got so lucky as to have such a wonderful group of BFFs who are all so cool and interesting.
One of my more stellarly talented friends, Mara, competed in a karaoke contest two weeks ago. Get this- it's called Karaoke Idol! Love it. So anyway, Mara entered Karaoke Idol, and we automatically knew she would kill it. I'm not exaggerating when I say that when she opens her mouth to sing, people's jaws just fall to the floor. Like, literally we had to call an ambulance for this guy who couldn't pick his jaw up off the floor after Mara started singing. SHE'S JUST THAT GOOD! It was super crazy, and kind of almost ruined our karaoke buzz. Ugh, no one likes a buzzkill, dude!

Ok but really, she's spectacular. Her voice belongs on Broadway. Or the radio. Or iTunes. Or in my ears in any way possible. She can do showtunes, she can do contemporary pop songs, shit... she can even do Adele. Her voice gives me chills- it's seriously that good. Like, picture that one time you saw that girl sing the National Anthem at a local baseball game and said to your friend "Hey, she's good!" And then forget about that, and just imagine someone way better. I'm crazy jealous of her talent, but so stoked to be able to brag about her to everyone who will listen. (Also, she's not a fan of these photos because she's CRAY CRAY- so can everyone please comment and say how she's the prettiest, loveliest girl in the world? KTHNX!)

I'm not one for shit talking (in a public forum where people can stalk me, find my address, show up late at night and murder me) so I'll just say that Mara was AMAZING and pretty much laid down the law on stage. BUT GET THIS- they lost the song she was originally supposed to sing, and they told her last minute when she got to the venue. She was supposed to do a classic song (that I don't want to give away just in case she sings it in the finals) but since they didn't have it, she had to switch last minute. Homegirl picked a badass song, too- Pink "Raise Your Glass." Tell me that song doesn't make you want to dance around like a maniac and have the time of your life. Mara really delivered the total package- amazing performance, fabulous vocals, and obvi a gaggle of adoring fans. In the end, she walked away with the W, like we all knew she would. No one could beat our favorite little curly haired songstress! We were all SO proud of her. Plus, we all had of hell a time singing and dancing along :)

Also, can I just say that I love how amazing our friends are? I love that we all got off our asses and went out in support of one of our own. That's friendship right there. We're a good bunch, eh?
Also... one final note. These were the judges (who, by the way, LOVED Mara.) LtoR, Adam Feldman from Time Out New York, Emily McNamara, who's on Broadway and other fancy things, and my absolute favorite- Paige Turner, who is professionally sassy.

Pictures courtesy of Karaoke Idol.


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