Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Obsession: Missoni for Target

Color me in love. Missoni is coming out with a line for Target, which is basically the fashion awesome equivalency of a peanut butter and honey sandwich. They're both great on their own, but combined, it's something I need to have in my life constantly. I love when hugely successful (and pricey) brands cater to their poor(er) fans through Target. It's the perfect combination. Fancy designer duds for Target prices? Don't mind if I do.

As much as I'm into the clothes, I'm even more obsessed with the accessories and kitchenware. I'm going to try my best to abstain from purchasing every single vase, plate and saucer, but I can't make any promises. But what really really takes the cake for me is the Missoni bike. If I don't get this bike, I'm pretty sure the world is going to end. You know that feeling you had when you were a kid and you really really really wanted that candy near the cash register that your Mom would never let you get? And oh the agony of it. The world ended then and there, or at least it felt like it. Well, this bike is my cash register candy! I NEED IT!!!!

The line launches September 13th. If you call my phone that day and I don't answer, don't worry. I'm just riding my new bike around the store, begging my Mom to buy it for me.

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