Friday, August 5, 2011

New blink-182 Song!


blink-182 is definitely in my list of Top 5 favorite bands of all time. They are one of those bands that I grew up loving, and will probably listen to for the rest of my life. They are one of the main reasons I even got into music to begin with. Their new song, "Heart's All Gone," was just released yesterday in complete stealth mode and it's AMAZING. It totally sounds like it could have been on Dude Ranch, which makes me very very happy. It's a classic Mark Hoppus song, at its best. Loving the shredding guitars and of course, Travis demolishing the drums. I'm so pumped they're all back in action together.
I'm not even slightly embarrassed to admit that I cried while listening to both new blink songs when they came out. To be fair, I also once cried during a Kleenex commercial. (And to be even more fair, I started crying again as I re-watched it just now. You can't tell me it doesn't make you emotional!!)
Click here to listen to the new blink-182 song "Heart's All Gone." Hit Command + A to rock out to the emo-goodness.


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