Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shane + Diane's Wedding: The Rehearsal

Shane and Diane's wedding is the biggest thing to happen to my family in.... well, ever. It was probably the most fun we've ever all had together and will definitely be talked about for years to come. It was just such a special time for both of our families, and it really felt like the beginning of a great big family full of Mexicans and Asians.

Instead of forcing all of these pictures into one blog post, I'm spreading them out through a few over the span of a couple weeks. Wedding goodness for weeks to come!! So here's part 1: The Rehearsal.

From there, we literally had 10 minutes to rush back to the B&B we were staying at and change. Let me tell you, there was a lot of hairspray, bronzer and shoes flying every which way. It was a mad dash to the rehearsal, but we made it! And we weren't even the last ones there... That in and of itself was cause for celebration.

Here are some of the key players in the wedding (minus Diane and her sister Joyce. I don't have any stellar pictures of us from the rehearsal for some reason.) So Shane just married Diane, and Wes is engaged to Megan. I'm the only unbetrothed sibling. (How's that for a fake $5 word?) It's kind of a weird feeling- knowing both of my brothers are going to have their own little families outside of the 5 person unit we grew up with. But I seriously think they both chose the perfect girls. Megan and Diane are amazing complements to my insane brothers. It takes a certain kind of person to put up with any of us. We're a different breed of crazy. I blame our parents.

Going through the entire rehearsal actually calmed my nerves. (Yes, I'm selfish enough to be focused on my nerves at my brother's wedding. Who do you think I am?) I know wedding rehearsals get a bad rep because people think they're pointless, but I totally disagree. It's really more than just walking down an aisle and trying not to fall. Did you know you're supposed to hold your bouquet at your belly button? I sure as hell didn't. But now I do! Figuring out the order everyone is standing in and the actual angle you should be at while you're up there is key, too. I would have probably stood up there facing the wrong direction while picking a wedgie if we didn't do the rehearsal. (Ok, not really.) Shane and Diane practicing the kiss got more than a few giggles out of all of us. It was also nice to know what was coming next when we were in the actual ceremony.

I don't know how this is possible, but we didn't get a non-blurry shot of our entire family either. I'm kind of bummed about that, but I just remembered we have professional photos coming in still- DUH! As soon as I get those, we'll relive all of this fun filled wedding happiness again :) Still to come- the party after rehearsal, getting ready for the wedding, the ceremony, and of course the rager of a reception! It was honestly such a great experience for everyone involved, I think spreading out the funsies is only right.

Say hi to our new extended family!!



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