Saturday, August 27, 2011

Top 5 TV Blooper Reels

I love TV. Like, an inappropriate amount. I could sit in front of my TV all day with a large Domino's pizza and a 2 liter of Diet Coke and only break to pee once every two hours. Come to think of it- if there's a job where I can do just that, let me know. I'm your girl. I'll never complain, and I guess I could limit the peeing to once every three hours, but that's really pushing it. ANYWAY- TV makes me very happy. It gives me the giggles, and sometimes (most of the time) it even makes me cry. But that's usually just during The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Teen Mom. (Teen pregnancy is no laughing matter- stuff on that show gets reeeeeeal.)

Something I potentially love even more than regular TV are TV Blooper Reels. Back in the day, they were just part of the DVD set, but now with all this fancy schmancy technology- they're on Youtube! So I've compiled my Top 5 TV Blooper Reels guaranteed to make you laugh until you pee yourself. (Don't say I didn't warn you..)

5. Will & Grace- Season 4 Bloopers- W&G bloopers are the best. I'm a Jack and Karen girl through and through, so my favorite part of this comes at the 4:45 mark. Something about their dynamic just gets me every time.

4. Arrested Development- Season 3 Bloopers- I LOVE Arrested Development. It was a gem of a show that was cancelled way too soon. Their bloopers are almost funnier than the actual show. I just want to be best friends with Jason Bateman. He swears a lot more than I would have suspected.

3. The Office- Season 5 Bloopers- My love for Jim Halpert runs deep. Seeing John Krasinski crack up while doing scenes with Rainn Wilson? Priceless. I've been told I'd be the Kelly Kapoor of the office, but I fancy myself more of a Creed.

2. Community- Season 1 Bloopers- I actually started watching Community earlier this year. It literally ruined an entire week and a half of my life because all I wanted to do was go home and watch it on my laptop. I'm proud to admit that no no, I'm not in love with Jeffrey Winger like everybody else in the world. Nope, I'm in love with Abed Nadir. He knows just as much about pop culture as I do- a man after my own heart!! I love that these bloopers show a lot of Abed screen time :)

1. Friends- Season 10 Bloopers- This is part one of two. Both are equally hilarious. Friends is one of my all time favorite shows. I grew up watching it, so it will always have a special spot in my heart. (AWWWWW!) When it comes down to it, I wish I could say I'm a Rachel, but we all know I'm a Chandler. What does it say about me that I've taken enough online quizzes to actually back that statement up?



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