Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Snapshots {8/28/11}

I had such an amazing weekend. If this is an indication of all of my weekends to come here in Ohio, I'm definitely going to be a busy girl. First off on Friday night, my parents and I went to a high school football game to see our family friend's debut as a Northview High School cheerleader. (Do you ever have to describe someone in your life in words and the accurate definition just doesn't seem to fit? Like you call someone a family friend, when they're more like a cousin or sister? There's no word for that! English language, you fail me again. Invent a word for "not family by blood but family by choice.") It was her first game and she did so well!! She was so peppy and had all the moves totally down. We were all beaming with pride. It felt so great to come home and go to a football game- something I haven't done in ages and didn't really get a chance to do much in New York. (WIth the exception of a Jets Pats game with some of my besties that was srsly rad.) Something about Friday night football games is so essentially Ohio to me. It's funny the stuff you begin to miss while you're away...

Saturday I spent up in Ann Arbor with my brother Shane and his wife (!!!) Diane. It was one of my favorite days in recent memory. Just (as my Mom would say) bee-bopping around- study time, playing board games, stopping by the mall, and going up to Royal Oak to hang out with their friends. It was a night of funsies. Shane bought a new game, 7 Wonders,  that took us FOREVER (two hours) to figure out. I would explain it here, but it would take forever and you'd still be confused. It was super complicated, but well worth the time to figure out. If you've ever played Settlers, which is awesome, it's pretty similar but takes WAY less time and is WAY better. We also played Fits, which is essentially like Tetris, but more difficult and again, WAY better. I'm proud to say, I won both games. WHAT? YEAH! We played each a few times, but I won both once. Not for nothing but I was playing with a bunch of doctors. If you think I didn't brag like crazy about that, you don't know me at all :)

Then on Sunday, we had some little visitors! It was a day of McDonalds, dress up, water shenanigans, movies and Red Robin. We did a lot of giggling and a lot of running around. At the end of the day I was definitely exhausted, but it was well worth it. These little creatures are as cute as can be. It's so much fun to have them visit, they bring such happiness to our family.

McDonalds brings out the 'tude in the little creatures. Well that, and they just wanted to feed the adults...

Boys can play dress up too!!

Red Robin brings out the silliness in the little creatures!
All in all, a very crazy fun weekend. Next weekend, I'm going to try to balance it out a little with some homework (who am I?) since the school work is starting to pile on. Until next weekend, dolls! (SEE HOW I SAID THAT JUST LIKE A KARDASHIAN AND ACTED ALL NATURAL AND NO ONE EVEN NOTICED?!?!??)


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