Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I Wore {8/6/11}

Hi! Round two of outfit-ness here on my little blogski. As much as I love dressing up and being a fabulous fag-hag about NYC, a lot of my time in the summer is spent in tank tops and jorts. It's not exactly revolutionary fashion, but sometimes, when it's 95 degrees and crazy sticky in the city, convenience is king. My main goal at pretty much all the time is to not sweat. I would venture to guess that I actually sweat 75% of my life, somehow. Wanna make out? I mean, particularly on my way to work in the morning, when I get on the subway, my back is typically covered in sweat. I'm fanning myself and wiping sweat from my upper lip, and as I glance around the subway car, everybody else is literally bone dry. Like, they've never even heard of what sweat is. It hasn't been invented yet in their species, and I'm this mutant who they've come to study. I'm a freak of nature... I'm the sweaty kid in class. Take me for what I am.

I wore this little combo last weekend for a day of errands and fun festivities in the sweltering heat. This outfit took my from the East Village, to the Upper West side, Union Square, New Jersey, and finally Brooklyn. Sometimes, when I'm running around like a crazy person, it just makes sense to sport something simple. The added pizzazz is a little lace headband I made out of an old dress. I just cut up a dress that no longer fit (too big- YAY!) and tied in a bow. Simple, fast and easy.


These are my absolute favorite jorts ever. They were originally a semi-ugly pair of jeans back in high school, but thanks to chub rub, were transformed into short shorts. (If you've never had chub rub in your life, you're a freak of nature. It happens to EVERYONE, people! Just like farts. Yep, I said it. What, like you haven't eaten cabbage in your life? Come on.) The flip flops were originally purchased in high school at Kroger for $3. Still rocking them. They're perfectly worn in and I basically live in the during the summer.

How adorbs is this top? I bought it at a sidewalk sale at Urban Outfitters when I was in college. I used to hate it, but I've come around on the rosettes. I used to haaaate them, mainly due to Angela from Project Runway, who was obsessed with them. (She was the worst. Team Jeffrey FTW.) But my taste has been skewing a little more girlie and frou frou lately. It's perfectly breezy for summertime heat.
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