Tuesday, September 6, 2011

90s Character Appreciation: Ren (From Ren & Stimpy)

Ren & Stimpy is probably my all time favorite show of the 90s... Well maybe next to Dawson's Creek- but that could also be categorized as being mostly in the 2000's and they're really different subject matter- I mean one's a cartoon about a dog and a cat, and the other is about a 35-year-old pretending to be a 16-year-old trying to lose his virginity. I don't even think anyone on Dawson's Creek even had a dog or a cat. That's weird. Do you think that was intentional? Like they were hinting that all the characters were secretly serial killers because they couldn't form connections with God's most innocent of creatures? Probably... ANYWAY. Ren & Stimpy is definitely my favorite cartoon. It's a cartoon for adults that kids watched. If you didn't watch it when you were a kid, first of all, you're a freak. Second of all, it's a show about an angry, old Chihuahua named Ren and his hetero-life-partner, Stimpy- a lazy and dumb but lovable cat. The show centers around the shenanigans these two get into, including venturing into space and Ren coming down with "space madness," trading lives with babies and living it easy, Stimpy falling in love with a store-bought chicken, and Ren makes Stimpy produce hairballs in a production line because they're worth $$$$. Basically, these two little beings get into a lot of trouble and cause mayhem everywhere they go. WHY WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO WATCH IT?!
I find that most normal people loved Stimpy growing up. He's cute, he's innocent and his heart is pretty much always in the right place. But not me. I'm a Ren girl through and through. I even asked for (and received) a farting Ren doll for Christmas one year. I've had to defend my Ren-loving ways for years now, so I'm quite used to explaining it. See, even though he's the dominating, controlling one, Ren is the underdog. He's the dude that loses his cool and makes everyone hate him. He can't help that he has a temper, guys- HE'S A CHIHUAHUA! I just love the fact that Ren is the evil good guy. Ren's spats of anger make him more lovable to me because he always comes down from the anger and sees what's right and wrong in the end. I mean he does tend to lose his mind every once in a while, but so do I so it's cool. He also has a level head when Stimpy is off falling in love with chickens and pretending his farts are his children. He's the reality based talking chihuahua, guys. Plus, I really hate cats so there was no way in hell I would ever like Stimpy more than Ren. Gross.
I always loved how pure Ren & Stimpy's friendship was- they really loved each other in the most sincere way. Pure bromance right there. As much as Ren yells at Stimpy for being an such an idiot, they were really BFFs. They travel through life together, getting into and out of trouble. God I miss them. Even though I love them, I think Ren & Stimpy gave me unreal expectations about what best friends should be. Like, when I try to move in with someone the day after I met them to be hetero-life-partners, they act all weirded out. What's the problem, guys? That's what all best friends do, right?! And all my friends don't like when I call them idiots and scream at them all the time. But it's okay with Ren does it? I'M SO CONFUSED! If I can't learn how to act in real life from TV, where am I supposed to learn it?! Like... from real people in real life?!!? UGH. Ren & Stimpy didn't prepare me for this. And neither did the freaking Kardashians.
Well lucky for you (and me) the entire series is on instant play on Netflix! Say goodbye to productivity.


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