Thursday, September 8, 2011

Etsy Finds- Hello Kitty

In this special edition of Etsy Finds (there's nothing special about it except for the banner) I've chosen to follow my passion and track down what I really need more of in my life... Hello Kitty products. Who doesn't need more Hello Kitty?! Like seriously- I don't own a lot (slash anything other than a sticker book or 5 and some McDonalds toys) but I LOVE Hello Kitty. If you asked me to explain it, I couldn't. It's irrational and frightens me. But love her, I do. So I set out on an Etsy mission to find some homemade Hello Kitty gear. What I found shocked me.

Let's start with the most ridiculous items and work our way towards things I'm actually considering purchasing. (Click the images for their Etsy shops!)

Hellokittystripperheels Hellokittypinkheels

Hey guess what? These both exist in real life. Mainly, I'm just upset that I don't live a life that necessitates owning both of these pairs of shoes. If my life doesn't allow me to wear 8 inch Hello Kitty stripper heels every day, I'm obviously doing something wrong. I mean, the really fancy high ones are the price of Christian Louboutin's- $750! At least the more demure of the two prices out at $89. I mean- I can swing that, especially for Hello Kitty heels. But then again, if you're going for a Hello Kitty heel- go big or go home, right? UGH- life problems.


So after high heels, I went searching for iPhone cases, obviously. I was pleasently surprised with what I found. But again, another case of paying OUT THE ASS if you want the fancy version, or you can go tacky and cheap. The hottie leopard number will run you $200, whereas the Barbie LV debacle is $89. If I was the kind of girl that wanted a Hello Kitty iPhone case (aren't I?) I would invest in the leopard situation. I mean- it's combined two of the tackiest things on the planet and makes it look sleek. Why don't I own this?!

Now for a barage of things I could buy, and might at some point in the future. To all of my friends: If I show up at any point in our friendship wearing more than two Hello Kitty items (accessories included) you have my permission to stage an intervention.

Hellokittyvans Hellokittyshirt Hellokittyring Hellokittyring2Hellokittynecklace

I'm wearing this hat to every party ever in future of the world that I'm ever invited to and even some that I'm not. DEAL WITH IT, GUYS!



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