Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy National Coffee Day!

Peeps- guess what today is? IT'S NATIONAL COFFEE DAY, BITCHES!!! I've already had so much coffee today, I don't really feel like sitting and writing a blog. That's horrible, right? I just want to run around my house dancing like a child. Sine that's not exactly productive, I've been working on my new blog. GASP- WHAT!?!?!!? Yep. You heard it here first- I'm a-movin' my blog. I'm making the switch over to Blogger from Typepad and I'm super excited about it! I've got a whole redesign going on, which I'm very, very excited about. I'm so sick of the design on this site. Plus, Blogger comes with a ton of different features that are perfect for my blogging style. Anyway, more on that when the actual switch happens. I'm hoping by the end of next week. Fingers crossed. So if you're feeling like posts on YW&F are a little shorter and/or less frequent- that's why. I'm no slacker.

ANYWAY- BACK TO THE COFFEE! Seriously, I'm having a hard time sitting here writing this. So I'm not going to BS around. Let's just dive into it. Here are my top 5 reasons for loving coffee:

5. It keeps me awake!- Fun fact about me- I didn't start drinking coffee until I moved home to Ohio. Weird, right?! I used to drink it by the gallon in college, but when I started working after college, during one of my many health kicks, I decided to cut it out. Ever since then, when I've tried to drink it, I've gotten mad sick. So it's actually new- this whole caffeine rush thing. Coffee is no joke, man. I've always said I'm immune to caffeine because I guzzle down Diet Coke like water, and it never affects me. But now that I'm in the coffee game, shit has me bouncing off the walls!

4. It keeps me regular!- Fiber be damned. Coffee is WAY more effective. Not to be gross (but I am, so it's okay) but it gets stuff moving. And it's way better than a Fiber One bar. (No offense, makers of Fiber One. But srsly your commercials are stupid.)

3. It makes my breath smell- BONUS! I try to gross everyone out as mucha s possible, so having nasty breath really comes in handy. I mean, I have to beat guys away with a stick. It gets really exhausting sometimes. It's so nice to be able to drink a good ol' cup of joe, breathe on them and watch them scatter away. That's every girl's mission, right? Drive guys away as fast as possible?... Maybe I've been doing this wrong all along.

2. It's appropriate to drink at all hours- As a person who loves drinking beer more than breathing, it's tough for me to find something to do with my friends at 11am. I'm really sick of the judgement eyes I used to get when I would suggest grabbing a beer or nice morning cocktail. Who's this stupid ultimate power that decided there's an hour in the day after which it's socially acceptable to drink? What's the big difference between noon and 8am? A buzz is a buzz, people! However, I just don't think this is a fight I'm going to win. People seem pretty set on this whole "not drinking before noon" and "not being drunk all day" shit. So instead of forcing pints of Guinness on my friends in the AM, I've learned that coffee is totally a more approrpiate option. People don't think I'm crazy when I invite them to coffee before work. The things you learn as an adult...

1. No words... just this-

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