Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home Desk Makeover

Last week, I finally got around to transforming my new desk space at home into an actual office space for me to work. Let me tell you- it feels amazing.

My family has had this black desk for years and years- since I was little. It used to be natural wood with tons of writting all over it, because that was, like, cool when we were 12-years-old. But when I went off to college I wanted it to look a little bit more professional. Enter: black paint. It actually covered most of the scribbles and notes on the desk pretty well. I stopped using it after I graduated and sent it home. But now that I'm back home, guess what's back in my life? The oldest desk in the world!!! (That is a fact. Don't you dare tell me there are desks older than this one. It's from the 80s, guys!!!)

So this is the situation I was working with before. Above my desk are my brother's band posters, and a plaque I got for work. But the actual desk was so boring.

Enter: my big pile of crap!!!! I basically just added everything from my old desk at work to make me feel more comfortable in my work space. I had a HUGE toy collection on my old desk that essentially just told everyone who walked by that I'm secretly a 5-year-old. I had to cut down my display to fit on this desk because it's a lot smaller, but I think it was necessary. All of my faves made the cut, including an Anthony Green kazoo, Wolverine Happy Meal Toy, Harmonica from Duane Reade and a Circa Survive hacky sack. Just enough whimsy to make me feel at home. I also taped up my old Instax photos, and photobooth photos just like on my old desk. It's nice to have some friendly faces on my desk while I'm studying.

Finishing touches were my favorite photo from the Circa Survive Alternative Press issue, where Anthony and Brenden are dressed up as chick's. (Hi, obsessed much? Whatever- everyone has their favorite bands!) Threw in some Robert Francis and Death Cab for Cutie vinyl to spruce it up a bit, and then.... my greatest accomplishment ever. I MADE SOME ART, DUDES!!! That little thing that says "This Day Will Never Happen Again." Well, it's not really art. I mean, I really copied it from this pin, which I know is like bad or something. But I really liked it! And that statement really means a lot to me. It's so true, and something that's so easy to forget. So, I put it where I can see it and stare at it every single day. I literally took an old envelope, taped the flap down on the back, and colored the words with crayons. How easy.

Potentially my favorite part of my whole desk makeover is what I hid in the drawers. It's a fun way to kind of surprise yourself with little memories as you're reaching for a pen. Cheesy, I know. But I added my favorite birthday card ever, which is the photo of the puppy annoying the kitty. It's basically a photographic representation of my relationship with my best friend in New York. It makes me giggle. The other one is a little photo composit of my future child with one of my best friends who lives in LA. I mean, it's going to happen. She's kind of dumb looking, but at the same time nerdy. We named her Gertrude. Gert for short. The photo is from a Dave & Busters. Can you spy another Dave & Busters item? Yeah, we were kind of obsessed with it for a while. That place is fun.

I'm so happy with my desk makeover!! It feels like home now. Eventually I'd like to have a real grownup desk that I can make all pretty and stuff. But for now, I'm happy with my faux-kid desk.



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