Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mixtape {9/3/11}

Happy September kiddos! I'm so happy fall is finally headed our way. Except it doesn't feel much like it lately- it's been in the 90s here in Ohio for the past few days. Definitely feeling the heat. I can't wait for cozy sweater and tights weather. My favorite. But there's a part of me absolutely loving the heat right now. Being back in Ohio, with it still feeling like Summer, I'm totally feeling like a kid again. Well that, and last night I went to my first house party since high school. Keg stands and all.

Since it's not quite pretty leaves falling and brisk Autumn air, it just doesn't feel right making a playlist full of Bon Iver and Bright Eyes. This is a prolonged Summer, which means we have to make the most of it. It's partying weather, for sure. So to accompany the party, I made the ultimate 80s playlist. I should warn you, it's not your typical 80s playlist. No Cyndi Lauper or Whitney Houston (although I LOVE them both.) This is a little bit more rock n roll, a little less glitter and glam. (Unless you count Mötley Crüe as glam, which then in that case, definitely.) So here's to making the weather draw out into the Fall and drinking PBRs outside on the back porch. I'm liking this for now.

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