Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Obsession: My Little Pop Icons

It's very rare that I love anything more than I love My Little Pony. It's nearly impossible. My love is already at such a high level, it's pretty ridiculous. But when I stumbled upon these little gems of awesome, my heart exploded in a way that can only be described as similar to what a woman must feel when she gives birth. Truly a love I didn't even know I could ever feel- my heart just opened right up for these little guys. I'd like to introduce you guys to My Little Pop Icons- sculptures made by Mari Kasurinen that combine My Little Pony with pop icons, including celebrities, movie characters and all around uncategorizable superstars like Lady Gaga. The detail work in these little guys is honestly incredible. I need to own them all. Too bad they're way expensive and out of my price range :( But one day- I'm definitely going to be purchasing a few. My favorites are (obviously) Jack + Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. They're just so creepily adorable.



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