Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Movie Recommendation: Fright Night (2011 Version)

This past Sunday felt like a movie day. I had just gotten into town the day before, and was feeling all sorts of stressed out about school starting the next day. What better way to take my mind off of studying and school stress than a movie about vampires?

First thing's first: I should probably be upfront and tell you that I love scary movies. Like, majorly love them in a way that most people think is weird. Something about the adrenaline rush I get when someone jumps out from behind the door, or Leather Face chases around his victims- it's so awesome. I mean, don't get me wrong, part of me hates it. That anxious feeling of wondering if the main character is going to live or die- that gets me all kinds of stressed. But there's a weird kind of joy in that stress. Knowing it's just a movie, yet still getting sucked in. Knowing you can't do anything to help, but still screaming. Knowing Jason Voorhees doesn't exist but still having nightmares about him. Its a sick joy, horror movies... My main issue with them is actually finding people to watch them with me. (I'm a lozer, right?) Most of my friends are normal and don't like being scared, so finding people to sit through my incessant screaming has been quite difficult. But I've got to horror movie cohorts in my parents. Thank God.... errr Freddy Krueger. So my parents and I spent our Sunday afternoon seeing Fright Night in 3D, fingers crossed that it would be good. It's a remake of the 1985 thriller, so we knew it was kind of a gamble.

Anton Yelchin and Colin Ferrell did not disappoint. I was on the edge of my seat (or cowering with my hands half covering my eyes) the whole time. The essential plot summary is as follows: Colin Ferrell is a vampire (GHASP!) named Jerry, who moves in next door to Anton Yelchin, who plays the quirky but still super hot Charley. (Yes, Charley with an "ey" not an "ie") All the assorted drama associated with vampires ensues and makes for quite and intense ride. I can seriously make it through almost any scary movie without covering my eyes- but this movie was an exception. I just got so anxious that I covered my eyes and whispered to my Mom "I can't. This is too stressful." I sincerely credit character development for my off the charts stress level. The more characters in horror movies are developed, the more the audience cares about them and is actually terrified of them dying.

If you're in the market for a good scream, I highly recommend you check out Fright Night. It totally delivers in the babe department, as well as being overall extremely frightening and distressing. Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it yet:



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