Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Must See Movies: Drive + Attack The Block

I'm a little behind in the movie department lately. My b, dudes. I've seen my fair share of movies since I've been back in Ohio and just haven't been consistently posting my thoughts afterwards like I had planned. So I'm diving back in with my two favorite movies I've seen in a while. Definitely obsessed.
Earlier this week I saw Drive starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. I should probably preface this with the fact that I'm totally and completely in love with Ryan Gosling and in my head we're in a deeply committed relationship. This also means I should probably be deeply committed to a psych ward. But I'm not going 'til they make me! I automatically loved Drive before I even saw it. Know that.
BUT I SERIOUSLY LOVED IT!! Like, really really loved it. The movie revolves around Ryan Gosling's character, a professional stunt driver, who moonlights as a getaway-car driver. Tell me you wouldn't tap that. He ends up getting mixed up with Carey Mulligan's character, Irene and her adorable son, Benicio. I went into the movie thinking it was all about RG and his getaway-car escapades, but it's so much more than that. His character is so complex, I think I could see the movie ten times and still not have him figured out. They developed him in such a multidimensional way without the use of a ton of dialogue, it makes me actually want to talk less. I now feel I can convey emotions through being hot and brooding. I don't think this will last. I can only go for about twelve minutes without talking about myself.
What was almost as impressive as the movie itself was the soundtrack. It really set the tone of the movie in a really original way. It wasn't the typical movie soundtrack you hear over and over again. The music was totally electro French pop and totally 80s vibey. It definitely isn't music I usually listen to, but I'm going to be changing that soon. Perfect cool kids party music. (And we all know I'm a cool kid. Obvi, bro.)

This is my favorite song from the movie. So dreamy. Can I book College to play this every time I enter a room? KTHNX.

My other recent obsession, other than Ryan Gossling (that's more of a way of life, actually) has been pretending to be British. More specifically, I want to be from South London. The only reason for this is the fact that I saw Attack The Block a couple weeks ago. What can I say- I'm easily influenced. The only issue is, I actually can't do a British accent to save my life, but I think I can. Then suddenly, I'm talking like the Crocodile Hunter and realize I'm that asshole. Not attractive.
ANYWAY. Attack The Block is a science fiction movie (don't be scared just because it's science fiction!!!) based on a group of hooligans living in South London. Aliens invade their block and they, of course, have to defend everyone. It was wildly entertaining and hilarious, while still eliciting a few screams from yours truly. What more could you want from a movie? Giggles, accents, funny children and aliens!!! There are so many movies out there about adults fighting off aliens. The plot line just gets pretty boring for me. I love the fact that this movie took that typical plot line and elevated it. By making the heroes of the movie kids, you 1. automatically care about them more because they're like twelve, and 2. allow them to say waaaaay funnier shit because they're kids who are trying to act like adults. Plus, the accents add an interesting element to the film. I can't remember the last film I saw where I had to actually listen to the dialogue that closely to get all the jokes. As an added bonus, I picked up some new slang that I can't use with anyone because nobody knows what I'm saying! SCORE!
If you're bored, or even if you're not- get off your ass and go see Drive and Attack The Block. You won't be disappointed :)
SIDENOTE: I really think someone should make a Youtube short called "Attack The Blog." I don't know what it would be about really. But I think there's something there. Somebody run with it. I'm busy.


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