Friday, August 26, 2011

New Feature! Daddy Q's Words of Wisdom

Daddy Quinonez is one of my favorite humans. He's a complex guy- he loves ESPN, but watches Project Runway. He's Mexican, but lived in Japan. He worked on construction sites most of his adult life, but growing up he always did my hair in the mornings. He played flag football into his 40s, but likes to maintain his garden with my Mom. He swears like a sailor, but... he swears like a sailor. (There's really no complexity to that in our household. F bombs dropping like whoa pretty much all the time.) Most of my friends have told me that I make much more sense as a person after they've met my Dad. He's loud, fun-loving, and hilarious. I'm obviously awesome so I'm all of those things and more.
I sometimes feel bad for the rest of the world because they didn't grow up with my Dad. He's been a constant source of support and love my whole life. But more importantly- he's been a GREAT source of advice and quotables. "Daddy Q's Words of Wisdom" is a feature in which I share these little word nuggets with the internet. I'm seriously so excited to start posting these- just thinking about some of his quotes makes me giggle. He's quite a character.
Check in next week for the first installment of this new feature!
Oh, and before you go... This is the infamous character himself- Daddy Quinonez. Ripped up old football t-shirt... and glasses.



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