Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shane + Diane's Wedding: The Reception

Oh my goodness- it's finally here. The FINAL wedding post! I swear, if I ever get married, I'm going to post about it until the end of time. I seriously love weddings. Especially this wedding- it was the most fun I've had in a LONG time. Funny enough, I don't yet have pictures of a lot of the key reception moments- cutting the cake, their first dance, or the pinata. THAT"S RIGHT FOLKS- they had a pinata at their wedding. How amazing is that? We had pinatas at our birthdays growing up, so it's only fitting that we would have them at our weddings, too. You know how at some weddings there's a lull in the middle because everyone is tired from dancing and they don't know what to do? Ultimate solution: PINATA TIME!!! It brought everyone together and afterwards we were all in hyped up on sugar rush, enough to keep us going through the rest of the night.

The whole reception was a blast. The band they selected really brought the fun. I'm all in favor of a band that can get everyone off their asses and onto the dance floor for hours. It really was a giant dance party full of people who probably don't dance that much usually (and probably shouldn't.) But who cares? It's a celebration of love and family. What better occasion to embarrass yourself in public?



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