Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunday Funday Double Feature

This past Sunday, my parents and I went to a double feature at the mall. We kicked things off with Our Idiot Brother, and then snuck into Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. To say the two are polar opposites is an understatement. Let's start with the fun one first:

Our Idiot Brother is a movie about what happens when there is one odder ball in a family of odd balls. It tells the story of Ned, as played by Paul Rudd (SWOON), as a happy-go-lucky hippie who is full of love and light, but entirely too trusting. After being thrown in jail for selling pot to a uniformed police officer, he returns to New York and proceeds to make a mess of all of his sisters' lives. Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer star has his sisters Miranda, Natalie and Liz, respectively. My favorite was (obviously) Natalie/Zooey, the promiscuous bisexual-leaning lesbian/amateur comedian. I just want to be her best friend. Is that so much to ask? (And by her, I mean either Zooey or the fictional character Natalie. I'm not going to be picky here.) Throughout the movie, Ned unintentionally does harm to all of his sisters, and they seem to have a hard time understanding that his heart was in the right place. That was my one annoyance in this movie- the audience can see how pure and good Ned is, why can't his sisters? But it's not like they murder him or anything, don't worry. SPOILER ALERT! Kidding. Overall, I left the movie super happy and giggly. It was definitely a feel-good movie in the end. It made me wish I was more like Ned. I love people like him. No not fictional people... although I do love them, too. But people who unconditionally want to do good and want to see the good in people. Not only that, but people who ultimately believe people are good, and if you set expectations for them, they'll want to live up to them. I like that. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for Our Idiot Brother, and not just because Zooey Deschanel was in it. (Okay maybe a little.)

After we left Our Idiot Brother, we had planned on sneaking into Shark Night 3D but dink doinks that we are, we didn't realize we wouldn't have 3D glasses for the movie. Idiots! So when we walked out, the theater next door was showing a movie that literally started 10 minutes later. We decided not to risk it and hopped in the theater. All we could see on the marquee was "Don't Be." We sat there thinking of what it could be- then it hit me- Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. DUH! I love scary movies, so I was down for the cause. Before I even get into what the movie is actually about, let me just tell you I screamed no less than 5 times... loudly.

The film is a remake, centering around Sally, a young girl played by Bailee Madison (who is semi-terrifying), who is sent to live with her architect father, played by Guy Pearce, and his girlfriend Kim, played by Katie Holmes. (Fun fact of the day: Katie Holmes grew up down the street from me. Fancy, huh? Eh... not actually.) Stupid ass Sally discovers a basement that has been boarded up (WITH GOOD REASON!) and unleashes these little demon creatures in the furnace. They say they want to be friends with her, but come on- when anything whispers at you like that with a breathy, shaky voice, you KNOW they don't want to be friends. COME ON SALLY! It was infuriating to watch her be dumb and NOT know she's in a horror movie, but in hindsight, if she were actually smart about it, there wouldn't have even been a movie to watch. Ah, the paradox of a horror movie... People need to be dumb for there to even be a plot. ANYWAY. Sally releases these horrifying creatures that basically look like demonic rats, and crazy drama ensues. I usually don't like scary movies that center around possessed houses because all the while everyone is just thinking "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!" This movie was no exception, although I did like it a lot more than I expected. It really did get me freaked out quite a few times. I applaud any movie that has the ability to make me literally say out loud, "I can't watch this anymore. I'm freaking out. Can we leave? I'm going to die." That's a direct quote. Solid one and a half thumbs up from me and my nub thumb.

Overall, I'll probably buy Our Idiot Brother on DVD and never see Don't Be Afraid of the Dark again. But still, I'm happy I saw both flicks.

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  1. my idiot brother was so great!!! zooey and rashida together??? and paul rudd was adorable it was a fun film to watch :)


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