Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Night Study Mixtape {9/18/11}

Sunday Funday! Except I'm spending tonight doing loads and loads of homework. So not exactly a Sunday Funday/night. But alas, it must be done. I don't know why, but I just can't study without music. It's like my brain just doesn't work if I don't have music playing. This mainly causes issues for me when I'm in class and unable to focus on my teacher because it's just so damn quiet. Like, I get that it would be weird to be like "Excuse me, Proffy Proff, but I feel like I would totes understand all the shit you're blabbing on about better if there was some Biggie blasting in the background. Can you hook a sistah up plzz?" But like, part of me so wants to ask. My brain just shuts off without background music.

Thus- a study mix. I must have at least 30 of these from the past decade or so. I just keep making them. But they're always semi-consistent of the same songs after all these years. Throw back acoustic music is perfect for studying my life away....

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