Friday, September 2, 2011

Wedding Weekend: The ACTUAL Wedding!

Hey, remember that one time my brother got married and I only posted about the rehearsal dinner? YOU DO?! Well, great. I do too! I feel like a bum for not posting the rest, but photo editing doesn't happen overnight. I haven't seen any photos from the actual photographer, so these are all taken by peeps at the wedding. To say that I barely held it together through the ceremony is an understatement. It was the best wedding I've ever been to- every part of it was meaningful and beautiful. But it wasn't all super serious. Come on, the Quinonez's couldn't possibly get through an entire ceremony without some giggles. I wish I had a video of it, but my other brother Wes, the Best Man, played the best prank in the middle of the wedding. When Shane went to grab the rings from him, Wes acted like he lost them, which caused a moment of hilarious panic for everyone in the room. Good thing it was a joke :) I think at some weddings, a joke like that wouldn't really be appreciated. But I'm so glad our families are laid back enough to take a moment to giggle mid-wedding.
Let's start at the beginning- getting ready for the big ceremony!!

Diane made SUCH a gorgeous bride, right?! She was so sweet throughout the whole process and was the total opposite of a Bridezilla. The whole pre-wedding part of the day was so much fun. The champagne didn't hurt either.

This was the point that it really became real for me- my big brother got married!!! I'm so not exaggerating when I say that the ceremony was truly gorgeous. You could really feel how much love there was on the room. Plus, what a great venue! It started raining about 15 mintues before we were going to walk down the aisle. We were pretty panicked that it wouldn't let up, but it did! It was perfect. It drizzled a little bit after the wedding, but then held off all night during the reception. Funny how things work out :)

Next time, the receoption. That's going to be a very image heavy post. It was full of dancing, singing and all around good times. Until then<3


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