Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Snapshots {9/11/11}

Another weekend full of fun activities and I'm left exhausted on Monday. It's okay- I kind of prefer it that way. I don't even know where to start. Probably with Friday, duh. Mom and I headed up to Ann Arbor to hang out with my brother Shane and his wife Diane. My Mom and I went solo because my Dad was doing something only Daddy Q would do. Let me start at the beginning...

This past Saturday, The University of Michigan had their first ever night game, and it was vs. Notre Dame. It was a historical game. The thing about my town is that it's about 30 minutes away from Ann Arbor, and over 3 hours from Columbus, where Ohio State is located. Even though we're in Ohio, a lot of people from our town are UofM fans. It's a huge rivalry in Ohio and Michigan, but definitely amplified in our town. We've always been UofM fans in my household, but that was even more solidified when my brother went to school there, as did his wife. Now we're die hards. ANYWAY. We have a family friend who's from Ohio and lives in Boston but remains a huge UofM fan. He got this crazy idea to rent an RV with his friends and drive it across the country for the historic game on Saturday. Well, we all know how impossible it would be for anyone in their mid-twenties to stay sober enough to drive across the country while all of their friends partied in the back of the RV. Enter: Daddy Q. Get this- my Dad literally flew to Boston, picked up the RV and drove 12 hooligans to Ann Arbor for the University of Michigan game. Like, I'm serious. That really happened. Who would do that for another human being? My Dad, that's who. He's so badass.

So we went up to Ann Arbor the night before the big game for dinner and a movie, followed by board games. Fun family times :) We woke up the next morning and geared up for a big day. I was so wrapped up in the festivities that I barely took any photos. What I'm mainly mad at myself for missing is my first ever dim sum experience!! It was AMAZING! It's like you get to order 10 different things and no one calls you fat. Yes, thank you. More please!

After we left dim sum, we went straight over to the RV where everyone was tailgating. Let me tell you- it was a SCENE. The rest of the day consisted of a lot of beer pong and general yelling about sports and other shenanigans. I was literally partied out by the time the game started. Most of the people we were with scalped tickets and the rest of us went back to Shane and Diane's to watch the game. Except I didn't so much watch the game as I did fall asleep with my mouth open on the couch. Partying is, like, hard you guys! Partying for 7 hours really takes its toll. I'm not Paris Hilton, okay?

I stayed up in Ann Arbor Saturday night and drove back on Sunday. I was literally a waste of a human being on Sunday. Hungover all to hell, I baked Mrs. Fields cookies and attempted to study. Which really just meant I sat with my computer open on my lap while I watched football. Whatever, at least I tried.

This weekend was totally insane. Lots of fun Michigan adventures :)



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