Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Snapshots {9/18/11}

Another weekend gone and it was the first one that really felt like fall. It was freeeeeezing, but I kind of liked it. Since I'm in school and not starting work for the next few days, technically my weekend starts on Thursday. I'm totally loving the long weekends. This week was especially fun because my Mom took off Thursday and Friday so we adventured together. We took a little trip to Perrysburg, which is about 15 minutes away for shopping and lunch. Of course we followed that up with ice cream :)

Then on Friday night, I had a true college football experience. I went with one of my friends to the University of Toledo vs. Boise State football game at home. For the record, Boise State was ranked #4, and UT is.... unranked. Despite that, we (stupidly) had high hopes. We kicked off the night with hours of tailgating in the UT parking lot. It was seriously SO packed- people I haven't seen in years literally all over the place. It was definitely fun to catch up with people I hadn't seen in a while. Plus, I brought these fancy schmancy Jello shots that were a TOTAL hit (post on that soon!) After a while, we went into the game and actually got pretty good seats. (Admission was free with a UT ID, but seats aren't guaranteed.) We only stayed for the first half though because we were losing so bad and showed no signs of improving. From there, it was more drinking and socializing. A fun Friday night.

Saturday morning, I made my way up to Ann Arbor to visit my brother. His wife was out of town so it was just us. It was actually my first road trip with lil' ol' Olive Penderghast. She almost made the whole trip without an incident, but then this brake light and ABS light kept on lighting up and beeping. Still kind of clueless as to what that's about. But can't be an emergency because the car didn't blow up. Yeah, that's how I do car maintenance. If my car isn't smoking or blowing up, I'm okay.

Shane and I grabbed a bite to eat, and walked around Urban Outfitters for some shopping. I ended up mainly taking photos of hilarious tshirts and cutesy accessories. Then I caught a quick nap because I was exhausted from the night before. I love that I can drive up to Ann Arbor,  take a nap on my brother's couch and he doesn't get mad at me. That's sibling love right there. After that, we headed over to his friend's place, who was throwing a Texas Independence Day party. I've literally never heard of that ever before, but it was a lot of fun! I always have fun meeting new people and getting to know them. I (obvi) ended up talking to the two people in the entire party that listen to the same kind of music I do, and have tons of tattoos. It was amazing to meet people in the area that go to the same shows as I do and feels just as passionately about music as I do. Totally refreshing.

Sunday morning, Shane woke up early and ready to work out. I felt the complete opposite. But he really wanted to take me climbing with his friends, so I reluctantly agreed. Before I did it, I was seriously so terrified. The idea of climbing up in the air to the top of a wall was just insane to me. Like, I knew there were safety precautions and all that jazz, but that really didn't help. I was obsessed with the idea that the rope would break, or even worse- I wouldn't be able to even climb halfway up the wall. I mean- that was entirely possible. Luckily, that didn't happen. I actually LOVED it. I made it to the top on my first try, which was so shocking to me. I didn't expect that at all. But once you get going, the drive to make it to the top is really powerful. It's like, you can see it there, so why wouldn't you be able to get to it? I didn't do super hard courses or anything, but I was still super pumped every time I made it to the top. The last one I did was supposed to be like a cool down because it was easier than the other ones I had done, but it actually ended up being the most difficult because my arms were so tired. The one thing I still didn't fully get past was my crippling fear of heights. However, the more I climbed the less I freaked out about how high I was, and the more I embraced the security of the whole thing. Now, the day after climbing, my arms are more sore than they've ever been. I didn't know my arms could hurt this much. Typing hurts. It was worth it though. I highly highly highly recommend climbing for anyone who wants to try a different workout that's fun and challenging. If you're in the area, definitely check out Planet Rock in Ann Arbor. They gave me a one-on-one training before I headed up the wall and didn't even get mad at me when I squealed the whole time.

After I came home on Sunday afternoon, it was bathies time for Hala. She's been super demonic lately, so it was really adorable to see her all sopping wet and looking like a rat. How adorable is she?! It's really weird- she's so dark that her face barely shows up on camera. Still, you can see the cuteness :) The rest of Sunday was for blogging + studying.

Next weekend I'm hoping to get a little bit more studying done. Time to buckle down!



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