Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Snapshots {9/25/11}

Ugh I SO wish it wasn't Monday. Can't we live in a perpetual weekend?! Oh well, until then, let's recap some funsies from this past weekend.

I started off by hanging out with my friend Sarah on Friday. She has two little ones, Vayda and Vinny, and we spent all day talking and playing with the babies. How adorable is Vayda? I just want to eat her up. Those little baby cheeks!? Ugh I could die. SO CUTE!
Then Friday night, I had plans I've been looking forward to all month- seeing Circa Survive at Headliners in Toledo. I hadn't been to a show in Toledo years. Walking into the venue was like an automatic timewarp. I felt like I was 16-years-old again, trying to fit in all the fun possible before making it home for curfew. Circa Survive have been one of my favorite bands for a while now, and I've probably seen them at least ten times. I don't know if it was the venue or what, but this was not my favorite show of theirs. I'm totally used to being in the pit at shows that get more than a little intense. I've been punched and kicked in the head before, pushed more times than I can remember and have pretty much gotten the all around crap beaten out of me. For me, being the crazy person I am, that's part of enjoying a show like Circa. I love being where all the madness is- in the thick of the mayhem. Everyone's attitude is usually something like "We're both here to enjoy the same band so let's try to get along. I'm going to go crazy, and so are you. If I hurt you, I'm sorry, but I'm just enjoying the music." I've actually given a similar speech at a show before and it actually went over amazingly well. But this show was just so different. The kids weren't there to enjoy the music in a fun way. It was like they were out for blood, and like, really, really hated girls. They probably just needed to get laid. I don't know. The final straw for me was when some dude was trying to push past me (I was probably like third row) and he legit grabbed my boob and twisted it as hard as he could. It was like the most insane purple nurple ever. Like, if purple nurple-ing was a sport, homeboy won the fucking Olympic medal for that shit. When it happened, I was just so shocked. I ripped his hand off my tit and screamed "OW! GET OFF ME!" And so he did. He was a bro, so I decided not to make a big deal out of it. He looked out of place as hell. The rest of the show was great- mainly because I extricated myself from the douche bags. Anthony was enigmatic as ever and the whole band sounded really tight. I would have liked to have heard a few more older songs, but that's always the case with your favorite bands, isn't it?
I woke up Saturday morning, still a little sore from all the jumping around from the night before. My friend Joanna and I decided earlier in the week to hit up a workout class on Saturday morning. I had never done anything even remotely close to this before. I'm more of a yoga/elliptical kind of girl. We went to Body By Vince here in Toledo, which is basically like paying for someone to murder you. Seriously. I've never worked my ass off that hard. Jumping jacks, sugar cookies, punching bags, weights, dead lifts- I wanted to DIE. But I'm so happy I actually did it. I felt amazing, if not exhausted, afterwards. I can't remember the last time I actually sweat that hard. I actually thought it would be a nice excuse to bust out my tennis shoes, but you actually do the class barefoot. It was way fun though.

Afterwards I spent a good three hours laying on the couch watching TV and napping. It was glorious. Then my Mom and I went over to our family friend's house to watch their daughters get ready for Homecoming. I seriously felt like I was a hundred years old watching them get dressed. Sentences like "Back in my day, we had to wear long dresses to Homecoming! What's this generation coming to?" were actually flying out of my mouth. Watching them get ready was so adorable. They looked FIERCE. Erica rocked a gorg leopard print dress like a total rockstar. I wish I could have worn that to a dance in high school. Too bad, we apparently dressed like sister wives back then.

Afterwards, we headed over to our other family friend's house for their son, Lance's, 6th birthday. Isn't he the most adorable little kid ever? He's got so much energy and spunk. Such a special little dude. Instead of the traditional birthday cake, we went out for ice cream at Mr. Freeze, my favorite ice cream spot in town. Lance was a happy little dude with his ice cream, sitting on top of the world :)
Sunday was full of studying and studying and... oh yeah, more studying. Actually, probably one part studying, two parts reality TV. I had to get caught up on Rachel Zoe and Project Runway! Then I worked on blogging a bit until it was dinner time. My friend Joanna made us breakfast for dinner- how awesome is that idea?! I never even thought to design a dinner menu around breakfast unless I was at a diner. We had mimosas, waffles, pancakes, fresh fruit, tater tots, and the meat eaters had sausage, bacon and chorizo con huevos. Everything was delicious! Look how perfect my Dad's plate looks. True professional. We all left stuffed to the max and super happy. SO YUMMY!!!

PS- How rad is that painting behind my Dad's head? I absolutely love it. It's the perfect vibe for my hypothetical dream house. Joanna, if you notice it suddenly missing from your house, you'll know who took it :)



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