Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Snapshots {9/4/11}

The weekend isn't over yet, but today isn't going to be much to post about, so I figured I'd go ahead and post my Weekend Snapshots. If you're wondering, today is going to entail me FINALLY dealing with all of the crap in my new bedroom at home. There are clothes everywhere. Time to get that shit in order.
This weekend was another quality Ohio experience. Friday night kicked off with a visit to baby Vinny and our family friend Sarah, to deliver her birthday cupcakes! I spent most of the visit bogarting the baby, obviously. From there, I headed out for a night on the town, Toledo style. I was little nervous about how it would feel to be back and going out, but I had such an awesome time. I even made new friends. LOOK AT ME, MOM! Being all social like I'm cool and stuff. Could have fooled you, huh?

Waking up on Saturday with a major hangover was not fun at all. Especially because we had breakfast with my Granddaddy at 9am. Woof. But I suffered through and even managed to not throw up on anyone. GO ME!
After that we headed up into Michigan for raspberry picking. WHO DOES THAT!?!?! We do.
It was such a blast, but totally hard work. I was sweating my ass off by the end. I have some really great shots of the bushes that I'll post later.

Saturday night, I was not feeling the whole "going out" thing. So I stayed in and made my parents start watching Sons of Anarchy from Season 1. We made it through a few episodes and I think they're officially on board. I'm a little scared this is going to make my Dad break out his old motorcycle again and get me in trouble with my Mom. We'll see about that one.
Sunday I woke up early and went for a walk with my Dad and our dog Hala through the neighborhood and into Wildwood, this HUGE park just across the street from our neighborhood. Hala was surprisingly well behaved. My Dad and I stopped for a swing break at the park. No wonder kids are so skinny- their exercise is actually fun. I seriously couldn't get over how pretty the park was- you just don't find that kind of sprawling field everywhere. Nature exists, people! Who knew.
Last night, after spending the day at a double feature at the movies, we stopped by Fresh Market to pick up something to make for dinner. It was then that my life changed forever. They have a pretty decent beer selection, which is awesome. But get this- they let you create your own custom six-pack! If that's a thing that has existed for years and is everywhere, don't tell me. I feel like I discovered something wonderous here. They let you pick all different kinds of beer and make your own personal six-pack of WHATEVER YOU WANT! If you want five Blue Moons and one Bud Light? NO PROBLEM. Four Brooklyn Lagers and one Amstel Light and one Corona? Oh, okay GO RIGHT AHEAD! It's insanity, I tell you. Not only that, but the custom six-pack is like $8.50 or something ridiculous. It's like taking candy (or beer) from a baby. I want to get my Mom into the beer game, so this custom six-pack was really perfect. I get that girls are supposed to be all into wine and stupid stuff like that, but I'm just not that kind of girl. I'll always take a Hefeweizen over a Chardonnay. My favorite thing is learning about different beers that I've never had before. It makes me feel like a smart drunk. We started off easy with the Honey Moon Summer Ale. It was sort of like Blue Moon meets Bud Light, with a sweet honey taste. Definitely a fan. After that we tried Leinenkugel's Summer Wheat. (If you don't know about Leinenkugel's, you're probably not from the Midwest. It's brewed in Wisconsin, and pretty much a cult favorite around these parts.) It was good, but a little too fruity for me to drink a lot of- but I'm glad we tried it. It's delicious for a one off. Two good wheat ales overall. Next up- Brooklyn Lager.

We spent the rest of last night cutting my bangs and watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. All the while we were complimenting ourselves on the fact that our family doesn't argue nearly as much as the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan.
Another solid weekend, Ohio. Now off to do some serious organizing.


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