Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I Wore {9/8/11}

Oh hai there. It's officially no longer jorts/shorts weather here in Ohio. I'm heartbroken but trying not to let it show. My regular jeans will get offended! I snapped these pictures right before I headed off to class last week (pre-bangs cutting.) It was a little on the colder side, so I pants-ed it up and went on my way to class.

How adorable is my top though? Like can we take a second to applaud me for this fabulous find? $15 on sale at H&M a couple weeks ago. I saw it and immediately thought "back to school!!" I've already worn it twice since I got it, and I can see myself wearing it to death throughout the Fall. The jeans are one of the only pairs I own and have been with me since last Summer. Technically they're jeggings, but they feel more like super stretchy jeans. I'm not into jeggings without pockets or a zipper that make me feel like I still have to cover my ass. These here bad boys are so much more structured and jean-like, but they also totally let me jump around and go crazy like I'm in leggings. They're wearing thin though because I've been obsessed with them for over a year now. I need some jean/jeggings suggestions. Help! What are your favorite jeans? (Preferably of the stretchy persuasion.)

{outfit details: top- h&m, jeans- express, shoes- payless (hell yeah), ring- forever 21, bracelet- courtesy of my bff, nailpolish- revlon- minted}


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