Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yellow Ostrich

Another Tuesday and another band I'm totally in love with. This week, I'd like to introduce you all to Yellow Ostrich, an alt/indie outfit from New York. The lead singer and main creative voice behind Yellow Ostrich is Alex Schaaf, a little boy wonder from Wisconsin. And we all know how much I love me a good Midwest boy. When I first heard of Yellow Ostrich, Alex was running the show solo with a live drummer, but has since added two permanent band members. The main reason I love Yellow Ostrich is because of their vocal harmonies. Alex really takes them to a whole different level. He uses vocals as instruments in a really innovative way that completely avoids any likening to a cappella. Think less Glee and more hipster choir. It's definitely not for everyone though. It's totally left of center and not something you would necessarily hear on the radio.

I was lucky enough to get to see Yellow Ostrich while they were unsigned in New York. They have since signed to Barsuk, one of my all time favorite labels. It's the perfect label for their music. When I saw them in New York at Piano's I literally started texting everyone I know telling them about the band. It was the kind of show that changed my expectations about baby bands. I always expected baby bands to be inexperienced and not know what to do onstage. But Yellow Ostrich totally proved that idea wrong. I mean, Alex fumbled a little bit on stage, but recovered adorably and managed to keep his composure. It was so endearing. The sound was SUPER tight overall and he had total control of the crowd. Their full length record, The Mistress was re-released on Barsuk Records on August 16th. Click here to purchase! The whole record is a pretty good listen. My favorite tracks are "WHALE," "Mary" and "Hold On." You can also stream the whole record on Spotify!

Check out Yellow Ostrich's just released music video for "WHALE"-



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