Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bands I Love: Cage The Elephant

Rock music aficianados, I'm probably not telling you anything new or unexpected when I tell you I heart me some Cage The Elephant. But for those of you who aren't cool at all, here's this band you've never heard of!!! JK, we're all losers so it's totes okay.

Cage The Elephant is a four-piece rock outfit from Bowling Green, Kentucky. They are my favorite example of an ahhhhmazing band coming out of Nowhereseville, USA and shocking everyone. They're a blend of Americana, psychedelic rock, garage rock and grunge. AKA, my dream band. The lead singer, Matthew Shultz, is like Kurt Cobain reincarnated, but maybe with even more screaming. AKA, my dream man. It's like this band was made for me. Yep, I'm self-centered enough to half-believe that. So far Cage has released two albums- a self titled, released in 2008 and Thank You, Happy Birthday released in January of this year. Both are essential listening for anyone wondering whatever happened to quality rock music in this day and age. (So... No one. Fail.) The raw energy in their music is so powerful. It's like getting kicked in the proverbial nuts and downing a Redbull at the same time. If you know what I mean, and I think you do.

I saw Cage open for Manchester Orchestra earlier this year at Terminal 5. It was so packed, and I was getting my beer on, so I wasn't in the mood to cram all the way in the crowd. Plus, I knew I would have to pee before Manchester went on. So what did I do? I stood in the back amongst people who deem themselves "too cool to sing along" and "too cool to dance" and probably "too cool for school." And you know what I did? I SANG AND DANCED AND WENT TO SCHOOL! Well... the school of rock. HEYO!! They might have looked at me like a crazy person, but I barely even noticed. I was in my fan girl zone. Of course by the time Manchester went on, I was elbow deep in teen boy sweat near the front of the stage. But I'm happy I got the full stage Cage view. Watching Matt Schultz flail around and stage dive was truly epic. I want to spend a day living in his pocket, just to soak up all the energy.

Here are the music videos for my two favorite songs off their new record- "Aberdeen" and "Around My Head." 10 bonus life points if you knew that Aberdeen is where Kurt Cobain grew up.

I think the treatment for "Around My Head" is genius. So creepy and weird. Two adjectives people most commonly used to describe me.
Get into Cage. I'm not going to say they'll have a #1 radio hit this year, but they could murder Kings of Leon and Coldplay with their guitar melodies.


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