Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tattoo Barbie- The Toy Every Little Girl Should Have

Mattel has released a Barbie that has parents everywhere freaking out- they released a tattooed Barbie, called the tokidoki Barbie. GASP! How controversial! As much as I can understand irrational parents losing their shit over a Barbie covered in ink, it definitely bums me out that this doll is being met with such backlash. Their belief is that Barbie is supposed to be a role model for children, and they don't want their daughters looking up to someone covered in tattoos. Guys, it's 2011. As a tattooed girl, and fully functioning member of society, this all just seems silly. We live in a society that idolizes Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, and Reese Witherspoon, all three of whom are inked. Tattoos do not a poor role model make. I suppose I understand parents' desire to have their beautiful baby girls grow up to be pretty and perfect, and sans chest pieces. Parents always have their own hopes and dreams for their children's futures, and for some, that doesn't include tattoos. But the idea that somehow playing with a Barbie with tattoos will make their little girls any more likely to turn 18 and head to the nearest head shop to get tatted up is irrational. Girls are no more likely to grow up and want tattoos after having a tattooed Barbie than they are to turn into a Doctor as a result of having Doctor Barbie, or Asian because they had an Asian Barbie. What is more likely to influence the amount of little girls growing up and getting tattoos is the level at which they are now considered socially acceptable. Just in my lifetime, the stigma attached to tattoos has decreased exponentially. That can't possibly be blamed on a doll, but rather this new tatted Barbie is probably due to the lack of social stigma attached to tattoos now. Embrace the ink, people. Fighting is futile at this point. Kat Von D had a majorly successful cable TV show. Come on, now.

At the end of the day, I feel bad for kids who have parents who are so terrified that their children will grow up to be individuals that they will stand up against a doll. Silliness. My parents didn't necessarily dream of their little girl growing up and getting Kurt Cobain's tattooed on her bicep, but they have always been unwaveringly supportive of me becoming my own individual. I wish all kids were that lucky.

Now that there's all this drama surrounding tattooed Barbie, they're sold out! This seriously depresses me. According to the website, they're intended for adult collectors. While I wouldn't call myself a collector, I will probably love my Barbies until the day I die. I need to own this Barbie. SHE HAS PINK HAIR AND TATTOOS! It's like the Barbie of my dreams. She was made for me! Just sayin- anyone that tracks her down for me as a Christmas present gets my undying love and devotion until the end of time. And a hug.

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