Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Typography Games Are For Losers (Me)

I like video games. A lot. A whole lot. But they're addicting. That's a known fact. You can sit down to play for a few minutes after dinner and suddenly it's 2am. I don't quite like that feeling. It's like being sucked into a black hole of loser-dom. I used to be really into Halo in high school (we even named our dog after the game) but have since handed in my controller, in favor of having a life off of the couch. But try as I might, video games keep creeping into my life again and again. This time, I didn't even try to stop it.

Allow me to introduce you to Kerntype, a video game for font nerds. Kerning is the space between letters in a font. Ideal kerning is pretty, clean and readable. The game is genius, yet so simple. You move the letters around to create the most visually pleasing kerning, and it is then compared and scored against a typographer's solution. #nerdfun.

I'm not even going to act like I wasn't SUPER excited about my scores. I played while no one else was home (just like a druggie uses) and was so pissed off when there was no one to show my high scores to... Then I remembered- BLOG TIME!

I didn't score perfect on all of them, but I got a couple 100s that I was super stoked on. Overall, I want to get my score way higher eventually, because I'm a dork like that. But not for nothin'... I think I rocked it.
Now if only I could stop playing....


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