Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Snapshots {10/9/11}

I feel like I accomplished literally nothing this weekend, and I'm kind of okay with that. I mean, I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't even make it through half of my DVR-ed TV shows from the previous week, and that I didn't watch Kim's Fairytale Wedding live. But nobody's perfect, you know?

Kicked off Friday with dinner and drinks with my Madre and my new co-worker, Melanie, who I've known for years. I downed two glasses of Prosecco and we giggled the whole dinner. From there I went  with a friend to an art show at a gallery downtown. (Where do I think I am, New York?) I literally walked up and said "Wait. Am I in Brooklyn? There are a TON of beards here." Turns out, beards happen in downtown Toledo, too. I was absolutely shocked. I didn't take any pictures at the gallery because I felt like I might have gotten judgement eyes for whipping out my iPhone in the middle of the gallery. The artist was walking around wearing a wolf hat, so you know, you kind of get what that means. After a stop off at a bar, I headed home, literally dreading waking up Saturday morning to work out.

But work out, I did. As much as bailing is usually feels like a superior option, I do actually feel better after working out. This weekend was the frist time I realized we're in the middle of fall, for realsies. The weather has been insane though- it was 80 degrees this weekend. That, combined with pretty pretty trees is making me a very happy camper. After working out, showering, and complaining about being exhausted for a good 20 minutes, my Mom and I headed up into Michigan to Ikea, in search of a new bed for her and my Dad. We (obvi) stopped for pizza (for me) & pizza (for her) before heading upstairs to shop. I need my fuel or else I get bitchy. We looked at a ton of different beds, but ended up going with the Birkeland bed. We thought it would be a nice cream color, but when we got it home it actually looked more white, which looks AMAZE. It's seriously the perfect bed for the room. With the brown and blue accents they have going on- I love it. Saturday night my Mom and her best friend, Susie, were babysitting for Susie's grandchildren. I stopped by for a visit, then headed home to hang out with a friend. We watched American Horror Story and I almost peed my pants. But then I realized I have a bathroom in my house, so it worked out okay.

Sunday, my parents and I went on an early morning walk to the cemetery across the street from our neighborhood, where my Grandma is buried. That sounds a lot more morbid than it actually was. It's the frist time I've visited since her funeral. I'm happy I finally got over there to see it, and loved the pretty flowers on top. I know it's an old-fashioned name, but I really love the name Corallie. I think it's super pretty and southern. I'm kind of biased because it was my Grandma's name, but whatever. Whoever I marry better just wrap their heads around the fact that I'm probably naming our children without their input. I'm not even sorry about it.

After the walk, my Mom and I went with my Aunt and my cousin to our favorite shopping spot in Perrysburg, The Clothes Mentor. It's all second hand stuff, but nothing vintage, and all way nicer than Goodwill or Salvation Army. (Not that I don't love The Will. I do. But this place is full of Gap cardigans for $4 and Guess jeans for $12. STEAL!) I got so much new gear for my new job. It was totally necessary though. Dressing like a grown up is going to be hard.

Post-shopping, my parents and I went out to dinner with my cousin, Codi, at this awesome Mexican restaurant, El Camino. It turns into something of a "hot spot" in the summer, or so I hear. But I'm just down for the guac and bean dip action. Well that, and the margaritas, obvi. They always have the cutest little mariachi band that walks around the restaurant serenading different tables. I always feel overcome by awkwardness, but also sort of like I'm in a movie when they come to my table. Like, "what would Julia Roberts do if this happened in Pretty Woman?" I'm sure the answer isn't awkwardly eat chips and salsa while avoiding eye contact, but that's usually what I end up doing. I felt like I needed to be wheeled out of the restaurant. I ate everything in sight. Yum yum yum.
PS- how adorable are my parents?!

Okay now I have to go to bed and get my beauty sleep before my first day of work tomorrow. Is this real life?


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