Friday, November 4, 2011

BFF of the Week: Amelita my LOL(cats) BFF!

This week's BFF is my hilarious friend Amelita! It was her birthday yesterday, so I would like to take this opportunity to wish her a non-Facebook, non-email, non-text, non-phone call, non-Twitter, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Also, not so coincidentally, her very first single just went up on iTunes! Yesterday was a big day in Amelita-ville!! So congrats on making it to 24, and congrats on your first ever single brutally slapping the music industry and the comedy world in the face!

I'm going to try to stop using so many exclamation points now... Amelita's just the kind of person that warrants exclamation points. We share a love of LOLcats, all things Boston, and the Bell Biv Devoe song "Poison." Missing her while she's living in New York and I'm in Ohio has been tough these last couple months. But Skype dates make all the difference.

So, think about all the funny people you know. I'm sure there are at least a few of them. Then think about how much funnier Charlie Day from "It's Always Sunny" is... Or how much funnier Tina Fey is... Or how much funnier every funny person on TV is than anyone you know. Well, I'm lucky enough to have a BFF who's actually as funny, if not funnier, than everyone on TV. I know what you're thinking- she's probably not that funny. Guys, I know funny. I've seen my fair share of Chris Farley movies. That makes me an expert, obvi. Amelita routinely makes me cry from laughing. I know I cry a lot, but this kind is different! Crying from laughing takes a real comedian. This girl is absolutely the funniest person I've ever met, and I'm so lucky that I get her in my life to give me tummy ache from giggling too hard. (When you hate working out like I do, the best ab work out ever is a giggle-fest.) If you have any doubt about how funny my BFF is (or even if you don't), get your ass over to iTunes and buy her new single, "Hipster Love." It's a song about hipsters... and love. I can't help but laugh the whole way through. Witty, catchy and topically relevant! Amelits also writes songs about cats, which are all HILAR. She's one of the only cat people in the world I actually like. (I like LOLcats, not actual cats. Big difference.) Her cat's name is Goobert, and he's surprisingly kind of cute (from a distance.)

Amelita isn't just a giggle-factory though. She's also one of my wisest, supportive and most loving friends. Whenever I have an issue or big life debacle, I can always count on Amelita to figure it out with me. She's never failed me. Her emotional support means the world to me, especially since I'm probably the least emotionally stable human being ever since Janice Dickinson on early cycles of "America's Next Top Model." Yeah, it's a whole boatload of crazy. Amelita's always the voice of reason in my life. She's like the Tyra to my Janice. (That's really just the blind leading the blind, isn't it?) I would die without her guidance and advice in my life.... Well, except for that time she encouraged me to do a cartwheel on camera in the middle of the sidewalk in New York and I feel on my ass. That almost actually killed me. But that was probably more due to my extreme lack of coordination than anything.

So Amelits, thank you for everything you do for me. For loving the Red Sox, for loving me despite my crazy, and for letting me borrow that pair of shoes that one time. Oh, and for sometimes giving me a ride home after our adventures together. You know how I hate walking. #hipsterlove4lyfe


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