Thursday, November 3, 2011

Iron & Vampires

I might as well come out and say it officially on Cheeky Cheeky, seeing as I shout it from the rooftops everywhere else in my life- I love "Twilight." I'm the sort of person who screams when the previews come on, and loses all train of thought when someone brings up Robert Pattinson. I'm a 12-year-old girl, basically. I'm not proud of it, guys. But like, it's one of my favorite simple pleasures in life (right behind going bra-less to work.) I read all of the books cover to cover in a month and a half, and cried when they were over. (I also cried periodically while reading them, but that's normal, right?... I have a feeling none of this is actually normal for a 23-year-old.) Anyway, I'm a full on Twihard, and I've long since come to grips with this fact. But "Twilight" isn't all embarrassment and screaming fan girls- there is actually one element of cool to it. (And no, it's defs not Kristen Stewart.) The music!

I've pretty much been obsessed with every "Twilight" album thus far, and actually got to work a little on them at my old job. My favorite song off the "Eclipse" soundtrack was the Lykke Li song, "Possibility." If you can listen to that song without crying, you have no soul. Off of the first soundtrack, my two favorite songs were "Caught Myself" by Paramore and "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine. The pairing of Flightless Bird with the final scene of "Twilight" was total perfection. I actually had hopes they would bring it back around, because it was such an iconic scene. And lucky for me, it looks like they have! Since the release of the track list last month, I've been dying to hear the "wedding version" of the song. Finally, it's here... with a music video! I didn't think I could possibly love the song anymore than I originally did. But I think this version might just oust the original for title. It's so dreamy and lovely.

Even though I think the song is about the loss of the American dream, it's still seems so sweet and romantic. Le swoon.
(Anyone else giggle whenever he says "fat house cat?")


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