Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Cheeky Cheeky Design!

I don't know if it's just me, but I'm not content with certain things in my life for too long- I get antsy. Case in point: the redesign I did for Cheeky Cheeky after only a month of using the old design. I couldn't help myself! I always want this website to reflect me and my design aesthetic as much as possible. I was itching do try something a little cleaner, and less cluttered. Thus, the new design. I like all my kitschy, cutesy design elements (ergo the banner for this post), but I wanted to limit them a little bit in the overall design of Cheeky Cheeky. I consider the new design to be contained clutter. Much better.

I just feel relieved to have it up and launched. It's just like a sigh of relief. I'm happy with it (for now.) There are a few tweaks and changes I still have to make, as always, but I'm diggin' the site as of today. Be sure to check out my new Daily Reads page for all of the blogs and websites I check religiously every morning. I left off my celeb gossip websites because, I figured you don't actually need to know that Perez Hilton is my first read every morning. It's like, even Perez Hilton isn't proud of that fact. So, as far as you know, Hello Giggles is my first read over my morning Diet Coke. Other than the fact that I just outed myself. Blerg!!! Well, just know that I'm not proud of my Perez Hilton reading. I just need to keep up with my Kardashian. (Khloe, obvs!)

So welcome to my new humble abode. Check out the links on the side and peek around a little bit. While we're on the topic of general blogginess, I wanted to take two seconds to talk about blog comments and all that jazz. 1. Anyone who reads Cheeky Cheeky on the regs, I would love for you to comment and say hi! I love nothing more than those little emails notifying me of a new comment. It's like pure electronic joy. Or send me an email and we can become real friendsies! Srsly! I love making new friends. As for all my IRL friends that religiously read, and don't comment- GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES!... JK.... No, but really. Wait, JK. But like, for real guys. 2. I blog because I love writing. I haven't had much time over the past few years to explore that love, but now that I finally do, I'm going full steam ahead. I don't blog for comments, or readers, or anything other than to do what I love. I mean, let's not get ahead of ourselves here- if suddenly thousands of people were checking this site daily, I would die of happiness. Who doesn't get a serious case of the smiles when people love and encourage what they produce creatively? I just don't want anyone to confuse my encouraging audience participation with the reason why I blog in the first place. I love making new blog friendsies, and I love writing fun pieces. Cheeky Cheeky is my online world where I try to do both.

So with that all said, check out the new site, and stop by and say hi :)

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  1. Your a great writer and you always have me giggling. You have also introduced me to a lot of great music. I like the re-design too :)


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