Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photo Shoot Outfit- A Messy Mess

This messy little number is the outfit I wore for our photo shoot last Wednesday- the photos were taken after the whole shoot. (Can't you tell by my hair?) I couldn't wear a dress because I was doing some heavy lifting and lots of running around. I decided jeans, boots and a t-shirt was the way to go. I added the blazer so I didn't look like a total slob.... well that was the desired effect. It didn't actually help much. I still felt like a hot tranny mess the whole day. You know when you watch America's Next Top Model and you look at the photographers, hairstylists and make-up artists, thinking "God, they knew they were going to be on TV. And they work with models all day every single day. Couldn't they put in a little effort?!" Yeah, I now partially understand their disheveled appearance. I've never cared less about what I looked like than during our shoot. I could have been wearing the most hideous outfit ever, and I honestly wouldn't have cared. There was simply too much going on for me to spend time looking at myself. So next time you're judging the photographer or hairstylist on ANTM, think twice people. They're busy busy busy!

PS- That first photo is in the middle of putting the house back together after the shoot. I wanted to punch myself in the face, I was just so tired. But smile through the exhaustion! It's what the ANTM contestants would do, okay?

Outfit details: {Blazer- Theory; T-Shirt- Urban Outfitters [stolen from my brother]; Jeans- Guess; Boots- Clothes Mentor}


  1. Wes wants his shirt back!!

  2. haha You don't look like a tranny. And I understand about ANTM. Except Nigel, he always looks dreamy during photoshoots. I think some of the hair pple/extras try to look blah so they blend in and not stand out.

    P.S. You even look better than Iris, the real tranny on ANTM lol


  3. i didn't read any of this 'cause my name isn't in it. all the same though...what was so interesting on the ground in the 4th picture??? i wanna know.


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